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Real-Time Signals

How we operate through 


Options-Signals: MTC Options signals are sent in this channel.

Stock-Signals: All signals that involve buying and selling shares are sent here.

Crypto-Signals: All Cryptocurrency signals are sent in this channel.

Long-Term-Options: Options signals that are held over a long
period of time are signaled here.

Option-Spreads: Options Spreads, typically for more advanced traders are all sent here. 

1K-10K Challenge: Small account trading challenge from $1,000 to $10,000. Exact position size, entries, and exits for the small account are all sent here for traders to mimic.

Watchlists: All analyst watchlists prior to the trading week are sent here.

Premium-Chat: The main chat for all premium members and analysts to communicate. Very supportive and active environment filled with highly experienced traders and analysts.

Due-Diligence: A channel for all premium members to share valuable news and analysis on the market.

Premium-Charts: A channel for all premium members to send stock charts and trends. Analysts share their technical analysis here along with helping members with their charting.

MTC-bots: Highly advanced bot with designated commands to instantly find stocks information and chart diagrams. (Commands located in Resources & Tools tab) 

Q&A Recordings: All previously recorded live Q&As are posted in this channel.

Social-Chat-Room: A place to hang out and discuss non-trading related topics with all members in the discord.

Q&A/Live-Trading-Floor: Weekly Q&As and live trading sessions are all hosted in this channel.

Featured Member Results

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