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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes MTC more unique than other investment services?

Answer: The Motivated Company means more than just a service. MTC is not just a service but a family, the environment is simply very supportive as if it were your own friends and family. The mentors are very kind and patient with every member's needs, they'll help you achieve your goals with no hesitation. MTC's analysts are highly skilled and continuously bring in more returns than other services, another great thing that makes us unique!

What is the success rate of MTC signals?

Answer: MTC Signals have proven to have a high success rate, you can check out our returns on our Instagram and Discord. Our analysts label most signals on how much risk is carried for each individual play, how you perform on our signals is dependent on how much due diligence you do.

Are the signals live?

Answer: Yes, MTC Analysts send signals real time as they come. 

How does the mentoring work?

Answer: MTC mentors members using several different communication methods. Live Zoom meetings, live Q&As, and direct messages through discord are some of the methods we use to mentor and educate members.

How much money do I need to invest?

Answer: Members can start with as little as $100, we recommend between $250 and $500 to utilize our plays to the best extent.

How do I sign up?

Answer: You can sign up through here in the upgrade section. Upon signing up you will receive a role in Discord with the features you chose.

Do I have to be on my phone all day?

Answer: We offer several different trading styles and signals. Depending on your preference, you can choose to do long term trades / swings if you're frequently occupied and busy, or short term / day trades if you are available and have the flexibility.

Are results guaranteed?

Answer: MTC has been working constantly to maximize your gains and results. We have allocated as much resources as possible in one place for members to ensure a successful and educational environment. How successful you are in MTC is dependent on how much effort and due diligence you do. Being active in the community is one way to ensure your success!

How do I start after signing up?

Answer: Upon signing up, we recommend studying our course in the Resources & Tools tab in the Discord. Scroll all the way to the top of the channel to start studying the course to best prepare to trade. The course has several starting points depending on your experience level. While studying, feel free to message the mentors with any questions (For Pro members only). After studying, you can start taking our signals and following the guidance provided.

How many signals do you send a day?

Answer: Every day on the market comes with different circumstances and conditions. There are always going to be an abundancy of plays sent out, some days more than the others for member risk management purposes.

How do I cancel my membership?

Answer: You can manage your membership at anytime here.

For any other questions feel free to contact the team!

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