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CEO & Founder Christian Lee

Straight out of Charlotte, NC, I'm here to flip the script on how you see trading. At Motivated Trading Co., we're not about the ordinary – we're all about making your mark in the market.

In the heart of the trading game on Discord, I'm dropping knowledge bombs for both the newbies and the seasoned hustlers. It's not just about charts; it's about crafting your strategy, mastering the art, and making every trade count.

From unlocking the basics to pulling off advanced moves, we're all in for the thrill of the trade. Ready to ride the waves with us? Hit me up, let’s turn those trades into triumphs! 💹💎🚀

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    My Story

    My name’s Christian, I’m a normal guy who’s worked many normal jobs & and tried many different hustles. I’ve been a Cashier, a food delivery driver, a lifeguard & and more. I’ve always wanted to be financially free. I hated being bossed around, I hated being forced to show up to a place I didn't like. Most of all, I hated trading so much of my time for such little money. 


    I lived this way for years, trying to find a way to escape. At this point now, I’m a broke, frustrated college student running in circles. My father, seeing my constant frustration, kept asking me to watch a YouTube video about Trading. I repeatedly turned him down, I wasn't the smartest kid & at the time, I was even failing one of my classes. But finally, I came around, I sat down in my parents' basement & and started watching it. 


    Halfway through the video, everything changed for me. I realized If I became good at this, I wouldn't ever have to trade my time for a limited amount of money again. I realized I wouldn’t ever have to deal with my old boss, or even go to work again. I dove head first into learning all I could about trading, & began doing it. 


    I began making money, & and then started teaching my friends even. Although trading without guidance & and mentorship was not easy at first, I was able to manage it. I had finally achieved my dream life, I was able to take many vacations, buy my dream car & and escape the rat race for good. This is why I do what I do now, so you can learn from my mistakes, not your own, & and to give you all an opportunity I never had! I’ve been able to teach over 3000+ traders now, & and I’d love to do the same for you.

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