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Welcome toMotivatedTradingCompany

Join our family and discover new possibilities

Welcome to MTC – The Family where all Traders belong. We specialize in helping People like you build wealth through the power of Trading. We've helped over 3,500 Traders and counting! 

Our team of Motivated Traders is made up of Experienced Market Analysts to ensure your financial freedom. We're dedicated to empowering the MTC community through top-notch investing education, personalized mentorship, and lucrative trade callouts all conveniently delivered through the Discord platform.

The App
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Generate Additional Income from Trading 

Trading through your phone has become easier than ever with the availability of online brokerages and commission-free trading.​​

The Motivated Trading Team educates, mentors, and guides the MTC community through all market conditions. Our extraordinary team of Analysts & Mentors operates 24/7 through Discord to provide astonishing real-time trades & education that create an environment for traders

to learn and succeed in their trading journeys.


Why Choose MTC?

Welcome to The Motivated Trading Company – more than just a service, we're a thriving family. Our team is all about our members, providing a supportive and caring environment for everyone. We've transformed the lives of thousands, offering the chance to learn from us and become successful traders. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced trader, you're warmly welcomed!

Since the inception of MTC, we've generaed over $10 Million in member profits. From our humble beginnings with 35 members, we've grown into a community of 14,200. Join our family and experience the journey for yourself!


Why Choose Motivated Trading Company

Expert Guidance

Access the wisdom of seasoned market analysts for informed trading decisions. Gain in-depth knowledge to refine your trading strategies.

24/7 Support

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

Private Discord

Interactive Community: Join a supportive Discord community for shared experiences and ongoing learning.


What Our Traders Say

" Patience people, your day will come there is no need to be greedy or have to take every play that gets put out I lost almost $1000 on Tesla alone last week but with the help of MTC you can get there too, premium is worth it. I know you maybe skeptical about it but so was I and now I'm making a lot more than I ever would have on my own thanks to the analysts QCLEE, Romero, Khal and everyone else involved. Thanks again guys I think you have the potential to change people's lives here, I really do "

- Javier Rodriguez

" Trading ain’t easy and starting this journey requires a lot of due diligence. Having done that for a few months I still wasn’t able to profit a lot from my trades. Then I found this great team at MTC and joined them when my portfolio was at -60%. Since then I have learned, practiced and executed great strategies with these guys. Today my portfolio stands at +123.62% in just two months with close to a 400% growth since I started with them. More than the money what this team has taught me I believe is by far the greatest asset I have. $1000 won’t buy you skills but your experience with this team will definitely help you add another zero to that number! "


" Guys! Listen up! JOIN UP ON PREMIUM WITH MTC ! This guys here Helped me alot ever since i started. I had second thoughts before joining. I will never regret joining here and making my sacrifice of spending however much was the premium monthly or yearly. These guys have helped me read charts and make my own calls. I WAS DOWN $400 with a $NOK call. I had to sell but regardless i didn't break a sweat because they helped me redeem those $400 and surpass those $400 turning into $800 . I'm happy to be here and You guys WONT regret it. "

-Keven A

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